Cursed Horf

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Cursed Horf
Cursed Horf.png
When any player rolls a 2, that player takes 2 damage.
Type Curse
Hit points 1
To hit 4
Damage 1
Reward 3 pennies

Cursed Horf is a cursed monster card.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

While playing as Judas, you can use his starting item, the Book of Belial, to force a player to change a one or three into a two and force them to take the damage. If you are playing as The Forgotten you could also remove a counter from their starting item The Bone, and change a one to a two.

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

Because Cursed Horf says when ANY player rolls 2, that means at any time in the game even if the player is not attacking Cursed Horf and they roll a 2, they will take 2 damage.